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About the band: The Lost Boys

 The Lost Boys return with their fourth full length CD and their most ambitious project yet! Heroes and Scoundrels presents all of the hallmarks of a classic Lost Boys album: hard driving rock, acoustic folk, a cappella madrigals, hook-laden pop, and raw world music elements, all linked together by a hilarious, exciting storyline; a true audio adventure from the Lads who invented rock and roll in the year 1599!

It is my experience that music, as I imagine it as a visual art form, cannot more fully fill a room with art. There is no other form of art more intimate between a performer and their audience. Without the musician, this craft would be mute.
-"Johnny". 3 Celts & Company

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Heroes and Scoundrels

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01 Vignette: In the Cell   download
02 Warriors for the Working Day   download
03 Vignette: Outside the Gate   download
04 Scoundrels   Sharedownload
05 Vignette: Back at the Tower   download
06 Heroes   Sharedownload
07 Vignette: In the Streets   download
08 Back in the Stocks Again   download
09 Beautiful in Teal   download
10 Vignette: On the Lam   download
11 Maid in the Shade   download
12 Vignette: In Pursuit   download
13 The Flying Carriage   Sharedownload
14 Vignette: In Pursuit Some More   download
15 The Hod Song   download
16 The Cuckoo   download
17 Wedding is Great Juno's Crown   download
18 As Long As We Live   download
19 Woman, Thou Art Beautiful   download
20 Vignette: In the Pub   Sharedownload
21 Rambles of Spring   download
22 Vignette: Escape From the Harbor   download
23 Spanish Shores   Sharedownload
24 Vignette: Back at the Docks   download
25 Fear No More   download
26 Vignette: On the Ship   download
The Lost Boys ~
Heroes and Scoundrels
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