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About the band: The Lost Boys

 The Lost Boys return with their fourth full length CD and their most ambitious project yet! Heroes and Scoundrels presents all of the hallmarks of a classic Lost Boys album: hard driving rock, acoustic folk, a cappella madrigals, hook-laden pop, and raw world music elements, all linked together by a hilarious, exciting storyline; a true audio adventure from the Lads who invented rock and roll in the year 1599!

It is my experience that music, as I imagine it as a visual art form, cannot more fully fill a room with art. There is no other form of art more intimate between a performer and their audience. Without the musician, this craft would be mute.
-"Johnny". 3 Celts & Company

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Heroes and Scoundrels

01 Vignette: In the Cell
02 Warriors for the Working Day
03 Vignette: Outside the Gate
04 Scoundrels Sharedownload
05 Vignette: Back at the Tower
06 Heroes Sharedownload
07 Vignette: In the Streets
08 Back in the Stocks Again
09 Beautiful in Teal
10 Vignette: On the Lam
11 Maid in the Shade
12 Vignette: In Pursuit
13 The Flying Carriage Sharedownload
14 Vignette: In Pursuit Some More
15 The Hod Song
16 The Cuckoo
17 Wedding is Great Juno's Crown
18 As Long As We Live
19 Woman, Thou Art Beautiful
20 Vignette: In the Pub Sharedownload
21 Rambles of Spring
22 Vignette: Escape From the Harbor
23 Spanish Shores Sharedownload
24 Vignette: Back at the Docks
25 Fear No More
26 Vignette: On the Ship

- The Lost Boys | Heroes and Scoundrels


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