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About the band: Raven's Fire

 Melissa and Larry Schmidt have a new group - Raven's Fire! Beautiful vocals, Lively Mandolin, Lilting Whistle, and Lovely Fiddle, all powerfully supported and enhanced by a strong deep Guitar and compelling Bodhran beat .They perform a fine collection of beloved and familiar Irish, Scottish, Folk, and Sea Shanties from long ago years. The original songs and tunes written by Melissa are in the traditional style, designed to become timeless favorites.

It is my experience that music, as I imagine it as a visual art form, cannot more fully fill a room with art. There is no other form of art more intimate between a performer and their audience. Without the musician, this craft would be mute.
-"Johnny". 3 Celts & Company

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Full Sail

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01 Ye Better Get Down & Pull $1 MP3   download
02 Walkin With My Dearie $1 MP3   download
03 Bonnie Ship the Diamond $1 MP3   download
04 Red, Red Rose $1 MP3   download
05 Shorty's Wooden Leg $1 MP3   Sharedownload
06 Awa' to the Hills -[...] Reel $1 MP3   download
07 Rollin' Down to Old Maui $1 MP3   Sharedownload
08 Small Brown Boy $1 MP3   download
09 Down, Down, Down $1 MP3   download
10 Roseville Fair $1 MP3   Sharedownload
11 Stormy Winds $1 MP3   download
12 Heave and Haul Away $1 MP3   download
13 Cockles and Mussels $1 MP3   download
14 The Swallow Jig $1 MP3   download
15 Jug of Punch $1 MP3   download
Full Sail $9.31 Full EP download
PREVIOUS Release CDs:  
MP3 320bit CD-Audio Download
$1.00 USD
 $1.00 USD
MP3 320bit CD-Audio Download
"11 Stretched on Your Grave"
MP3 320bit CD-Audio Download
Full EP $9.36 USD
 $9.31 USD


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  ©2002 The Irish Minstrels :: Full Sail :: Compact Disc

from the Album: Full Sail :: 15 Tracks. ©2002 Ravens Fire [...]

Ravens Fire :: Full Sail

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3 Celts & Company
©2002 The Irish Minstrels  :: Full Sail :: Compact Disc

from the Album: Full Sail :: 15 Tracks. ©2002 Ravens Fire [...]

Ravens Fire :: Full Sail

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5.0 stars
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:: 10 December, 2014

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