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About the band: Lojo Russo & Funks Grove

 Lojo's band history reflects her style of music - a little bit of everything. She's played bass in a psychedelic jam band, mandolin in a Celtic group and guitar in every kind of funk, folk, jazz, and jam combination you can imagine. When performing a cover song I do my best to make it my own - sometimes to the point of un-recognition - so be it. I'd rather do a cover song in my own style then be a cheap copy of the original.

It is my experience that music, as I imagine it as a visual art form, cannot more fully fill a room with art. There is no other form of art more intimate between a performer and their audience. Without the musician, this craft would be mute.
-"Johnny". 3 Celts & Company

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Lick the Blarney

01 Yellow Gals
02 Johnny Swings Sharedownload
03 Molly O'Malley's
04 Process Man
05 Wild Monkee Time
06 Macaulay's Reel
07 Ride On
08 Red is the Rose
09 General Taylor Sharedownload
10 Nottamun Town
11 Cockles with Muscle
12 Moved Through the Faire/Queen of Argyll Sharedownload

- Lojo Russo & Funks Grove | Lick the Blarney
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