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About the artist: Eddie Jeff Cahill

 "A true wandering minstrel. Songs, stories, tall tales tumble from his lips like barrels over a waterfall, shattering ring and stave on the rocks of our complacency. As a bonus, Eddie Jeff's discourse is filtered through a thick Minnesota accent, redolent of Vikings and lutefisk. You better be there." - Utah Phillips.

Eddie Jeff Cahill can make your heart smile and your mind dance.

It is my experience that music, as I imagine it as a visual art form, cannot more fully fill a room with art. There is no other form of art more intimate between a performer and their audience. Without the musician, this craft would be mute.
-"Johnny". 3 Celts & Company

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Diana's Waltz

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01 Diana's Waltz $1 MP3   Sharedownload
02 Nightingale Song $1 MP3   download
03 Chastity Belt $1 MP3   Sharedownload
04 I Can See Your Aura $1 MP3   Sharedownload
05 Mary Ellen Carter $1 MP3   download
06 Cottonwood $1 MP3   download
07 Percy the Dragon $1 MP3   download
08 Katie's Fancy $1 MP3   download
09 Lakes of Pontchartrain $1 MP3   download
10 Witch of the West-Mer-Lands $1 MP3   Sharedownload
Full EP | Diana's Waltz $9.31 download
more NEW Release CDs:  
MP3 320bit CD-Audio Download
$1.00 USD
 $1.00 USD
MP3 320bit CD-Audio Download
"11 Stretched on Your Grave"
MP3 320bit CD-Audio Download
Full EP $9.36 USD
 $9.31 USD


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