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Celtic Music from "3 Celts & Company" Support Independent Artists.

 These many pages feature the independent musicians we encounter in our travels throughout the season. The artists that have poured their unique vision and experience into the performances you will find no-where else, except live and on stage at the Fairs and Festivals, the Celtic Music venues we treasure.

 Statement: I am a visual artist. I cannot remember a time I envisioned a piece of art, one that would enslave my imagination and capture my every creative thought, until I had applied the best of my talent to a chosen canvas: done, exhausted. I have been fortunate in the many ways my art has been accepted, the feeling that I had touched someone with a new thought or common feeling, inspired by the piece.

It is my experience that music, as I imagine it as a visual art form, cannot more fully fill a room with art. There is no other form of art more intimate between a performer and their audience. Without the musician, this craft would be mute.

Support Independent Artists. Buy Celtic Music.
MN Tartan Rocks! | April 8th, 2017 | featuring Tempest and The Tim MalloysTartan Rocks! Concert
featuring TEMPEST and
The Tim Malloys

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Renaissance Rock Music MusiciansThe Lost Boys
Heroes and Scoundrels

Listen to Celtic Music
Raven's Fire of MinnesotaRaven's Fire
Three Sheets to the Wind

Listen to Celtic Music
3 Pints Gone3 Pints Gone
Auld Lang Syne

Listen to Scottish Music
Peter Yates & Ken LarsonYates & Larson
Almost Live!

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Good Irish MusicFour Pints Shy
Tip Heavily

Listen to Celtic Music
World Music by Maireid SullivanMaireid Sullivan

Listen to Celtic Music
Twin Cities Irish MusicThe Langer's Ball
The Devil or the Barrel

Listen to Celtic Music
The Minneapolis Irish SoundThe Tim Malloys

Listen to Celtic Music
Irish Folk MusicIan Gould
Calling Home

Listen to Celtic Music
Rebel Irish MusicMisplaced
Authentic - Irish Music

Listen to Celtic Music
Traditional Irish HarpistKim Robertson
Searching for Lambs

Listen to Celtic Music
Lojo Russo & The Hounds of FinnLojo Russo & Funks Grove
Lick the Blarney

Listen to Celtic Music
Eddie Jeff Cahill | Bathos the MuseEddie Jeff Cahill
We Shall Be As One

Listen to Celtic Music
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Sample original and traditional Celtic music. View our Tartan wool list and get Fit for your Dance kilt.


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"Original Celtic Rock Music"

Sample and BUY! -from the edge of today's Celtic World artists. Independent musicians around the globe or performing at your local Public House -- they shared their talent and musical gifts with "3 Celts & Company" -- often in our store. No, none of them are named John, Paul, Mick or Elton, but...They'll Rock Your World!

"Traditional Celtic Music Origins"

Tradition and folklore set the stage with music from the Celtic nations. Let go as you drift along to an age still remembered. Listen and Enjoy -today's artists as they honor the reproduction of ancient ballads and time measured favorites. Sample and choose the music that will carry you back -across your own Celtic Origins.
Tempest Celtodelic Rock | Music from 3 Celts & Company

Tempest Spring Tour 2017


Tempest Celtic Rock

Tempest Spring Tour
Tempest just began another superfun Spring Tour! April is spent performing in clubs and theaters all over the East Coast and Midwest — here's a link to our Kick-off video, it captures some of the good times we have on the road!

 2016 Press Review [...] "




by Lief Sorbye • Published on Apr 9, 2017 • Concert Footage